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Lost Tapes
Zoot Sims
Baden-Baden - June 23, 1958 »Vinyl Edition«
1 LP | 43min | Nr. 101715
LP 1: » Jerome Kern: All The Things You Are
» Hans Hammerschmid: Minor Meeting For Two Clarinets
» Hans Hammerschmid: Blue Night
» Hans Hammerschmid: Open Door
» Richard Rogers: Fallin' In Love
» Harry Barris: I Surrender Dear
» Victor Schertzinger: Tangerine
» Gene de Paul: I'll Remember April

In 1958 Sims played with Benny Goodman at Expo ‘58 in Brussels, where he met the Viennese-born Hans Koller, then Europe’s coolest tenor sax. Two years earlier Sims had made a Blue Note recording with the German pianist Jutta Hipp and he was keen to meet other European jazz musicians.