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Fritz Wunderlich
1 CD | 54min | Nr. 93.180
CD 1: » Franz Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin D 795 (Song Cycle after poems by Wilhelm Müller)

The label SWR music / hänssler CLASSIC already has some recordings by Fritz Wunderlich in its program and now adds to its Wunderlich discography a recording of Die schöne Müllerin, the famous song cycle on the subject of suffering for love. Schubert knew like no other how to put lover’s grief into tones, and Fritz Wunderlich knew like no other how to sing this cycle. He was the ideal case of a tenor and had a unique brilliance in his voice, overpowering radiance, and careful articulation – to name only a few of his many outstanding qualities. All of this also enhances this performance of Die schöne Müllerin, a recording of 5 March 1964 produced in Stuttgart. Every tenor today would be happy if he could sing these songs like Wunderlich. The fact should not be concealed, however, that the tenor omits one strophe from each of the songs – for what reason even Wunderlich scholarship is not able to answer. The omissions nevertheless do not at all take away from this artistic achievement.