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Anton Brucker
Mass • Motets
1 CD/SACD stereo/surround | 65min | Nr. 93.199
CD/SACD stereo/surround 1: » Anton Bruckner: Os justi meditabitur sapientiam WAB 30
» Anton Bruckner: Virga Jesse e minor WAB 52
» Anton Bruckner: Locus iste C major WAB 23
» Anton Bruckner: Afferentur regi virgines F major WAB 1 for 6-part mixed chorus and 3 Trombones (1861)
» Anton Bruckner: Ave Maria F major WAB 6 for 7-part mixed chorus a cappella
» Anton Bruckner: Christus factus est d minor WAB 11 for 6-part mixed chorus (1884)
» Anton Bruckner: Mass No. 2 e minor WAB 27
» Anton Bruckner: Pange lingua D major WAB 33 for 6-part mixed chorus (1868)

The phenomenal choir of the Southwest German Radio, the Vokalensemble Stuttgart, shows here that their experitise is in no way limited to the earstretching demands of the Avant Garde, but they are equally at home with the glorious traditions of Germanic Romanticism.

Bruckner took great care in his choral setting of sacred texts, providing tham with reverent, heart-felt musical settings. It is easy to understand the overwhelming success Bruckner enjoyed as a composer of choral music.

93.199 Beiheft-Text als pdf (77 KB)