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Brahms and his Contemporaries Vol. 3
1 CD | 73min | Nr. 93.208
CD 1: » Giuseppe Martucci: Sonata op. 52 for Violoncello and Piano
» Johannes Brahms: Solitude in the Fields op. 86 No. 2
» Johannes Brahms: Wie Melodien zieht es mir op. 105 No. 1
» Johannes Brahms: Sapphische Ode op. 94 No. 4 (Rosen brach ich nachts mir am dunklen Hage)
» Johannes Brahms: Lullaby op. 49 No. 4
» Johannes Brahms: True Love op. 3 No. 1
» Johannes Brahms: Minnelied op. 71 No. 5
» Theodor Fürchtegott Kirchner: Acht Stücke op. 79 for Violoncello and Piano

Following on the critical and popular success of the previous two volumes of Johannes Moser’s “Brahms and his Contemporaries” series SWR music/hänssler CLASSIC is proud to present the latest entry. The current program features a selection of wonderfully crated rarities and surprises. From Martucci’s lyrical (and sadly neglected Cello Sonata), to a set of charming Brahms song arrangements to a set of charming and perfectly crafted miniatures by piano virtuoso and gambling addict, Theodore Kirchner, this program is a winner!

Johannes Moser continues to tour around the world, performing with many outstanding orchestras and famous conductors. His playing is renown not only for ist expressive intensity but intelligent phrasing and always persuasive selection of repertoire. He has been universally acclaimed as one of the top cellists of his generation.