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Sylvain Cambreling
1 CD | 76min | Nr. 93.241
CD 1: » Hector Berlioz: Harold en Italie op. 16 (Symphony in four Movements with Viola Solo)
» Hector Berlioz: Marche hongroise
» Hector Berlioz: Ballet des Sylphes (from: Damnation de Faust op. 024)
» Hector Berlioz: Menuet des follets (from: Damnation de Faust op. 024)
» Hector Berlioz: Chasse royale et oraqe (from: Les Troyens)

In Hector Berlioz the French conductor Sylvain Cambreling, the principal conductor of the SWR Symphony Orchestra of Baden-Baden and Freiburg, has again discovered a composer who ranks with the greatest of the greats and yet is only rarely performed. This of course does not apply to the highlights from his operas, which are heard here together with Harold in Italy. For its part, Harold is never heard in the concert hall. Berlioz is also one of the composers of whom Cambreling is especially fond, and the composer’s genial gift for orchestration and his inexhaustible wellspring of ideas suffice to explain why this is so. This recording presents Harold in Italy, a full-length symphony with an extensive solo part for the viola, as its featured work. Berlioz took the main theme depicting Harold from his Rob Roy overture.