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David David Geringas plays Rachmaninov
1 CD | 74min | Nr. 93.245
CD 1: » Sergej Rachmaninow: Prélude F major op. 2 No. 1
» Sergej Rachmaninow: Danse orientale op. 2 No. 2
» Sergej Rachmaninow: Mélodie E major op. 3 No. 3
» Sergej Rachmaninow: Sonata g minor op. 19 for Violoncello and Piano
» Sergej Rachmaninow: Prélude G flat major op. 23 No. 10 – Largo
» Sergej Rachmaninow: Lied for Violoncello and Piano
» Sergej Rachmaninow: Floods of Spring op. 14 No. 11
» Sergej Rachmaninow: Vocalise e minor op. 34 No. 14 for Violoncello and Piano

No instrument better fits the elegiac, melancholy mood of Rachmaninoff’s music than the Violoncello. And even if Rachmaninoff composed only one major work for the instrument, the famous Cello Sonata, the composer would return to the cello several times more, making arrangements of his other works, to exploit the cello’s rich, thoughtful sound qualities. David Geringas is among the greatest living cellists in the world, equally at home in playing the Bach unaccompanied Suites as he is in performing the music of our time. In his homage to Rachmaninoff, represented by the current CD program, is a celebration of the beauty of his instrument.