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Les Ballets Russes Vol. VII
1 CD | 67min | Nr. 93.265
CD 1: » Georges Auric: Les Fâcheux
» Georges Auric: La Pastorale

Between 1924 and 1926, the young Georges Auric wrote two ballets for Diaghilev: "Les Facheux" ("The Tormentors"), and "La Pastorale." Both works are regarded as his most important compositions for the ballet. For "Les Facheux", the sets, costumes and curtains were designed by the famous painter Georges Braque. The ballet’s scenario tells of a young man who pursues his lover but is held again and again by various tormentors preventing him from explaining his affection. The libretto is by Boros Kochno with an assist from Molière. "La Pastorale" was produced in 1926 choreographed by George Balanchine. It would be Auric’s third and final ballet for Diaghilev. The ballet’s story revolves around the shooting of a film in the country and the tensions between villagers and film people. Neither work has been previously recorded, so this exceptional performances mark their recorded premiere!

Georges Auric was a prolific composer, but above all he was famous for his cinematic collaborations with Jean Cocteau in addition to composing scores for nearly 150 other films. With these two ballets, we have been provided a glimpse into the early days of the later famous film music composer Georges Auric.