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Robert Schubert
1 CD | 72min | Nr. 93.270
CD 1: » Robert Schumann: Requiem D flat major op. 148 for Choir and Orchestra
» Robert Schumann: Der Königssohn op. 116 for vocal soloists, Choir and Orchestra
» Robert Schumann: Nachtlied op. 108 for Choir and Orchestra

The current program presents three, unjustly neglected late choral works by Robert Schumann. Indeed, much of Schumann's late music has suffered from harsh criticism; even Schumann's biographer Robert Schauffler simply says “… these (the late choral) works need not detain us.” Such judgments resulted more from a misunderstanding of the composer's intentions, rather than the quality of the works themselves. Schumann's Requiem Op. 148 was written as a "companion" piece to his Mass Op. 147 and is an elegant and gentle acceptance of death. The work is beautifully scored and inhabits a world between Fauré's otherworldly peace and Berlioz's thunderous Last Judgment.

Der Königssohn op. 116 was one of three works for voices and orchestra composed by Schumann from 1851-53 to poems by the German revolutionary poet Ludwig Uhland. The composer envisioned the work being performed my mass choruses, deliberately writing simple, folk-inspired melodies, rather than focus upon the musical drama expressed in the poem. Schumann reserved his finest music for the character of the "Bard" - with whom he undoubtedly identified. The program concludes with an unquestioned masterpiece - the all-to-rarely performed Nachtlied op. 108. Here is Schumann

at his finest - as well as anticipating Brahms' "Deutsches Requiem" more than once.