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Works for Violin and Cello
1 CD | 64min | Nr. 93.301
CD 1: » Zoltán Kodály: Duo op. 7 for Violin and Violoncello
» Mátyás Seiber: Sonata da camera for Violin and Violoncello
» Miklós Rózsa: Tema con variazioni op. 29a
» Zoltán Székely: Polyphon et homophon op. 2
» György Ligeti: Hommage à Hilding Rosenberg
» Béla Bartók: Duo No. 26 for 2 Violins (Spottlied)
» Béla Bartók: Duo No. 27 for 2 Violins (Hinke-Tanz)
» Béla Bartók: Duo No. 35 for 2 Violins (Ruthenische Kolomejka)
» Béla Bartók: Duo No. 33 for 2 Violins (Erntelied)
» Béla Bartók: Duo No. 42 for 2 Violins (Arabischer Gesang)
» Béla Bartók: Duo No. 29 for 2 Violins (Gram)
» Béla Bartók: Duo No. 43 Sz 98 (Pizzicato)

Although not blessed with such a wide literature as, for example that for violin and piano, nevertheless, numerous composers have written duets for violin and violoncello. The present collection of works by Hungarian composers not only provides both a wide overview, but above all else, many musical pleasures! Here two full blood-musicians Friedemann Eichhorn and Alexander Hülshoff (both of whom seem to have some Hungarian blood) and a knack for these musical partnerships.

Kodály’s duet is among his better known works and is as rousing as that of his pupil Mátyás Seiber (1905-1960). Miklós Rósza’s work is barely less absorbing – one cannot deny the influence of his film scores in helping him craft some winning melodies. It also becomes apparent in the other pieces that Hungary is a musical land par excellence that can be discovered here with the help of this special instrument combination.