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Hommage à Weber
2 CD | 2h 19min | Nr. 93.324
CD 1: » Carl Maria von Weber: Abu Hassan (Overture, Adapted for Four Hand Piano)
» Carl Maria von Weber: Eight Pieces op. 60
» Carl Maria von Weber: Silvana (Overture, Adapted for Four Hand Piano)
» Carl Maria von Weber: Concerto No. 2 E flat major op. 32 (Adapted for two Pianos)
» Carl Maria von Weber: Allemande E flat major op. 4 No. 11
» Carl Maria von Weber: Allemande D major op. 4 No. 12
CD 2: » Carl Maria von Weber: Der Freischütz (Overture, Adapted for two Pianos Duo D'Accord)
» Carl Maria von Weber: Six Pieces op. 10
» Leopold Godowsky: Kontrapunktische Paraphrase über C.M. von Webers "Aufforderung zum Tanz" for 2 Pianos (1921)
» Carl Maria von Weber: Six Pieces op. 3
» Ignaz Moscheles: Hommage à Weber op. 103 (Grand Duo)

The Duo D'Accord (pianists Lucia Huang and Sebastian Euler) is well known among piano duo enthusiasts and has enriched the music world with some extremely interesting, critically acclaimed CDs. With some unusual takes on the standard repertoire already in their catalogue, this time the two musicians set out to do something very special: an "Hommage à Weber" - as the title says. It not only contains the complete works for piano duet from the composer of "Der Freischütz", but also arrangements of some opera overtures and a special adaptation of the 2nd piano concerto for piano four hands by the Weber’s friend and biographer, Friedrich Wilhelm Jähns: a first recording and a masterstroke of artistic curiosity. In addition, there are two encores by Ignaz Moscheles and Leopold Godowsky, created as a tribute to Weber based on his immortal melodies.