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Friedrich Gulda »Piano Recital 1959«
1 CD | 75min | Nr. 93.704
CD 1: » Johann Sebastian Bach: Capriccio über die Abreise des geliebten Bruders B flat major BWV 992
» Joseph Haydn: Andante con variazioni f minor Hob. XVII:6
» Joseph Haydn: KlavierSonata No. 52 E flat major Hob. XVI:52
» Ludwig van Beethoven: KlavierSonata No. 10 G major op. 14 No. 2
» Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 31 A flat major op. 110

Even as the young Friedrich Gulda had begun to establish himself as a masterful interpreter of Beethoven, he would frequently moonlight as a jazz musician. And for the remainder of his career, he walked between two worlds – which, in those unenlightened times, made him the target of elitist criticism. The current program comes from Friedrich Gulda's 1959 recital at the Schwetzingen Festival. By this time Gulda’s reputation as a modern, provocative, technically infallible Beethoven player was secure – as was his disdain for convention and authority.

Gulda’s Schwetzingen recital combines two Beethoven sonataswith work by J.S. Bach and Joseph Haydn. The Capriccio "On the departure of his beloved brother" is a rarity in any keyboardist’s repertoire and this marks the first appearance of Gulda’s performance on CD. The Haydn works appearing on this recording are also quite valuable because Gulda seldom performed the works of the master in public. Undoubtedly, this is a concert experience of a one of the 20th century’s most individualistic artists as it is rarely seen.