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Paul Hindemith conducts Bruckner
1 CD | 59min | Nr. 94.222
CD 1: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 E major WAB 107

Hindemith was an all-round musician, composer, educator, violinist, violist, as well as having mastered all the instruments of the orchestra to a more or less professional level of proficiency, all of which was more than adequate to prepare him as an orchestral conductor as well. Hindemith‘s debut as a conductor came at the age of 21, but only after the Second World War he devoted himself intensively to conducting, attracting invitations from the most famous orchestras. Hindemith’s conducting style was strongly influenced by Wilhelm Furtwängler; he placed the highest value on continuing a living tradition of interpretation. The current album features Hindemith‘s 1958 recording of Bruckner, and as is apparent in this performance, the mature master locates Bruckner’s achievements as a high point on the between Bach and his own work.