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Piano Heroes »Lyle Mays Quartet
The Ludwigsburg Concert«
2 CD | 1h 51min | Nr. JAH-453
CD 1: » Lyle Mays: Fictionary
» Lyle Mays: Either Ornette
» Lyle Mays: Chorinho
» Lyle Mays: Lincoln Reviews His Notes
CD 2: » Lyle Mays: Hard Eights
» Lyle Mays: Disbelief
» Lyle Mays: Are We There Yet
» Lyle Mays: Au Lait
» Lyle Mays: August

Lyle Mays became famous as the genious counterpart of Pat Metheny as part of his Quartet in the 70s. This concert is the only legal recording of the Lyle Mays Quartet. Recorded Ludwigsburger Jazztage, Ludwigsburg / Germany, 1993.