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Jazz Now »SWR NEWJazz Meeting 2013
Living Being Extended«
2 CD | 1h 32min | Nr. JAH-458
CD 1: » Michel Portal: Cuba Si, Cuba No
» Vincent Peirani: Suite En V, Part IV
» Vincent Peirani: Choral
» Vincent Peirani: Some Monk
» Michel Portal: Mutinerie
CD 2: » Vincent Peirani: Ballad
» Lars Danielsson: The Linden
» Vincent Peirani: Hypnotic
» Vincent Peirani: Is It G
» Abbey Licoln: Throw It Away
» Aleksandar Šišić: Balanski Čoček

To help artists develop exciting projects that are difficult to realize under existing conditions is the goal of the legendary SWR NEWJazz Meeting. When the New Jazz Meeting proposed in 2013 to the accordionist Vincent Peirani to expand his core quintet Living Being, he chose in Mathias Eick and Leila Martial partners who would understand the densely interconnected cosmos of his band. Living Being Extended performed three concerts, in Karlsruhe, Tubingen and Mainz and became one of the great moments of the NEWJazz Meetings.