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Franz Schubert
1 CD | 72min | Nr. SWR19012CD
CD 1: » Franz Schubert: Die Winterreise op. 89 No. 1-24 D 911

Like many artists with an extensive repertoire, Hermann Prey had a particular piece that was a musical constant throughout his career – Schubert’s “Winterreise”. From 1952 until his death 46 years later, this song cycle figured frequently in his performances and in his memoirs. Looking back, Prey wrote: “I experienced it again and again. “Winterreise” affected me so strongly that it cannot be compared with anything else I have experienced on stage.”

This live recording from a concert at Schwetzingen Palace is a wonderful example of Hermann Prey’s touching interpretation of “Winterreise”, and listening to him sing this wonderful work never fails to be a moving experience.