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Michael Gielen EDITION 2 »Anton Bruckner Symphonies No. 1-9
Recordings 1968-2013«
10 CD | 9h 41min | Nr. SWR19014CD
CD 1: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 1 c minor WAB 101 (Linzer)
CD 2: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 2 c minor WAB 102 (PausenSymphony)
CD 3: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 3 d minor WAB 103 (Symphony)
CD 4: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 E flat major WAB 104 (Romantic)
CD 5: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 5 B flat major WAB 105
CD 6: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 6 A major WAB 106
CD 7: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 E major WAB 107
CD 8: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 c minor WAB 108
CD 9: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 - Finale No. 9
CD 10: » Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 d minor WAB 109 (Dem lieben Gott)

Some of the first broadcast recordings that Michael Gielen made in the 1960s were of Anton Bruckner's symphonies. He eventually went on to record all nine of them, not necessarily using the standard version of each symphony, but the one which was the most musically interesting. Echoing his approach for the classical and more contemporary repertoires, Gielen instilled in his orchestra his own distinctive, wellresearched interpretations. It's extremely interesting to follow the development of Gielen's musical journey, starting in the late 1960s and ending with his last Bruckner recording in 2013.

The Bruckner recordings on this second volume of the Michael Gielen EDITION were made principally with the SWR Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg. This enables the listener to follow the orchestra's development over the years, culminating in their outstanding 2013 performance of Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony.