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Claude Debussy
Piano Music Vol. 5
1 CD | 77min | Nr. SWR19044CD
CD 1: » Claude Debussy: Pour les cinq doigts – Sagement
» Claude Debussy: Pour les Tierces – Moderato, ma non troppo
» Claude Debussy: Pour les Quartes – Andantino con moto
» Claude Debussy: Pour les Sixtes – Lento
» Claude Debussy: Pour les Octaves – Joyeux et emporté, librement rythmé
» Claude Debussy: Pour les huit doigts – Vivamente, molto leggiero e legato
» Claude Debussy: Pour les degrés chromatiques – Scherzando, animato assai
» Claude Debussy: Pour les agréments – Lento, rubato e leggiero
» Claude Debussy: Pour les notes répétées – Scherzando
» Claude Debussy: Pour les Sonorités opposées – Modéré, sans lenteur
» Claude Debussy: Pour les Arpèges composés
» Claude Debussy: Pour les accords – Décidé, rythmé, sans lourdeur
» Claude Debussy: Étude retrouvée – Modéré
» Claude Debussy: Masques (Très vif et fantasque)
» Claude Debussy: D'un cahier d'esquisses (Très lent)
» Claude Debussy: L' Isle joyeuse
» Claude Debussy: Nocturne (Lent)
» Claude Debussy: Danse (Tarentelle styrienne)

The fifth and final installment of Debussy’s complete piano works with pianist Michael Korstick. The first four volumes were highly acclaimed by critics worldwide for their new perspectives on Debussy's works. Michael Korstick is one of the most distinguished German pianists of our day. Booklet text by Debussy expert, Robert Orledge.

Once again, Michael Korstick shows us that the primary requirement for Debussy’s challenging piano music to be heard to best advantage is to stick exactly to what the composer wrote, even in his untidiest sketches which reveal great precision in detail.

People may have doubted Debussy’s ability to play all of his Etudes in 1915, but his knowledge of what the piano could and should achieve in the early twentieth century was second to none, with the possible exception of Ravel.

This is reflected in Michael Korstick's latest installment in his Debussy cycle. Over the last four years, Korstick has enchanted audiences worldwide. With this final volume, Korstick sets an expert, musical and interpretive seal on his performances.