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Charles Koechlin
Chamber Music
7 CD | | Nr. SWR19047CD
CD 1: » Charles Koechlin: Sonata No. 1 op. 85 for Clarinet and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Les Confidences d'un joueur de Clarinette op. 141
» Charles Koechlin: Sonata op. 86 for Clarinet and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Idylle op. 155bis for 2 Clarinets
» Charles Koechlin: 14 Pièces op. 178 for Clarinet and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: 11 Monodies op. 216 for Clarinet solo (Selection)
CD 2: » Charles Koechlin: Sonata op. 52 for Flute and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Epitaphe de Jean Harlow – Romance op. 164 for Flute, Saxophone and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Divertissement op. 91 for 3 Flutes
» Charles Koechlin: Suite op. 55 for Flute, Violin and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Trio op. 92 for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon
» Charles Koechlin: Sonata op. 75 for 2 Flutes
» Charles Koechlin: Deux Nocturnes op. 32bis for Flute, French Horn and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Sonatine modale op. 155a for Flute and Clarinet
» Charles Koechlin: Pièce de flute pour lecture à vue op. 218 for Flute and Piano – Adagio
CD 3: » Charles Koechlin: Le portrait de Daisy Hamilton op. 140 (89 Sketches to an imaginary Film - Excerpts)
» Charles Koechlin: Sonata op. 58 for Oboe and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Sonata op. 71 for Bassoon and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Suite op. 185 for Cor Anglais
» Charles Koechlin: Stèle funéraire à tour de rôle op. 224 for Flute
CD 4: » Charles Koechlin: Sonata op. 53 for Viola and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Sonata op. 66 for Violoncello and Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Vingt chansons bretonnes op. 115 for Violoncello and Piano
CD 5: » Charles Koechlin: Au loin op. 20 No. 2 for Cor Anglais and Piano – Andante quasi adagio
» Charles Koechlin: Sonatine op. 87 No. 1
» Charles Koechlin: L' Album de Lilian op. 139 (Volume 1)
» Charles Koechlin: Sonatine op. 87 No. 2
» Charles Koechlin: Paysages et marines op. 63 for Piano
» Charles Koechlin: Sonatine op. 87 No. 3
» Charles Koechlin: L' Album de Lilian op. 149 (1935)
» Charles Koechlin: Sonatine op. 87 No. 4
CD 6: » Charles Koechlin: Les heures persanes op. 65
CD 7: » Charles Koechlin: Danses pour Ginger op. 163 (Five Pieces, dedicated to Ginger Rogers, Selection)
» Charles Koechlin: Sonatine op. 59 No. 3
» Charles Koechlin: Andante con moto
» Charles Koechlin: L' Ancienne Maison de campagne op. 124
» Charles Koechlin: Pièce pour piano op. 83bis (Adagio très calme)
» Charles Koechlin: Sonatine op. 59 No. 2
» Charles Koechlin: Douze Esquisses op. 41 (Première Série)

Unique collection of chamber music works by Charles Koechlin. Includes world première recordings November 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Charles Koechlin's birth. Comprehensive, trilingual booklet with texts by Otfrid Nies and Robert Orledge, respected specialists in Koechlin’s music.

The 150th anniversary of Charles Koechlin’s birth in November 2017 is marked by the reissue of all the Koechlin recordings made by the Südwestrundfunk. They are compiled in two boxed sets of seven CDs each: Box 1 – vocal and orchestral music; Box 2 – piano and chamber music. This comprehensive Koechlin project began in 2001 as a collaboration between the Radio Symphony Orchestra of SWR Stuttgart, conductor Heinz Holliger, and Otfrid Nies of the Charles Koechlin Archive in Kassel.

This 7-CD box of chamber works by the great French composer Charles Koechlin is unique in several respects: first, there is no comparable collection of this composer's chamber music; second, most of the performers were members of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra who became familiar with Koechlin’s works over many years; third, this familiarity produced highly relaxed and knowledgeable performances, which is naturally a huge advantage.

The comprehensive booklet contains an introduction to Charles Koechlin’s life and music, plus detailed information about individual works, prepared by two respected specialists in this music – Otfrid Nies and Robert Orledge. Also included are photographs by Charles Koechlin himself.

Together with the 7-CD Orchestral Works boxed set, this represents a unique compendium of the music of this brilliant French composer.