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Hans Rosbaud conducts
P.I. Tschaikowsky - Original SWR Tapes Remasterd 1954 & 1957
2 CD | 1h 29min | Nr. SWR19062CD
CD 1: » Peter Tschaikowsky: Symphony No. 4 f minor op. 36
CD 2: » Peter Tschaikowsky: Symphony No. 5 e minor op. 64

This is the fifth volume in our edition of Hans Rosbaud's recordings for SWR. It contains Rosbaud's SWR Tchaikovsky recordings. Especially in the Fifth Symphony, Rosbaud delivers an interpretation that makes this recording a match for any other.

Rosbaud’s recordings from the SWR broadcasting corporation's archives prove beyond doubt that the conductor embraced classics from the entire Romantic repertoire. Nevertheless, considering his specific interpretative approach, it might come as a surprise that he also devoted attention to Tchaikovsky’s symphonies. Hans Rosbaud was obviously well aware that Tchaikovsky’s works were not necessarily “tailor-made” for him: what is popularly known as the “Russian soul” – melancholy combined with exuberant temperament – did not really tally with his aesthetic temperament. Rosbaud knew only too well that it would be no use trying for a convergence of both concepts. Therefore, he chose a completely different interpretative approach for Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony – and that is exactly the special appeal of this recording.

Rosbaud conscientiously appraised the development of form and motif, which are the specific hallmarks of this work. He paid particular attention to highlighting groups of instruments and their respective tonal qualities, especially in the scherzo with its alternation of pizzicato strings and monolithic woodwind and brass sections. The work radiates formal transparency and, despite the allegro con fuoco finale sounding somewhat restrained, the overall concept is convincing. Rosbaud’s performance of the Fifth Symphony is even more amazing. It's an immensely dramatic performance that perfectly captures Tchaikovsky’s specific temperament, an interpretation that is a uniform and integrated whole, making it a match for any other distinguished recording of the work.